Training Location

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Ocean Reef Marina [or Boat Harbour]

Boat Harbour Quay, Ocean Reef

Top car park


Hillarys Boat Harbour

Northside Drive, Hillarys

(Northside car park)


65 Boas Avenue,


Call Us: 0401 566 720

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If you are already a capable rider, then I will usually meet you in Joondalup. As this is where you will be doing your assessment, it allows us to spend the full time getting you comfortable with the environment, & pointing out the pitfalls {stop signs, speed zone changes, merges, etc}

If you are starting from scratch, then I will get you to meet me at either Hillarys Boat Harbour, or Ocean Reef Marina carparks. The idea of the carpark is to get the training started in a controlled, safe, area where you can concentrate on obtaining your bike control skills whilst not having to worry about the traffic. We spend as long as is necessary in the carpark, making sure you are comfortable & in control of the bike, before gradually bringing you out on the road. The whole process is done slowly & progressively, so as to build your confidence & your capabilities. Eventually we meet in Joondalup to ride in the test area to try & dispel those nerves & prepare you for the whole assessment process.

Call Roy 0401 566 720