Learn the skills of safe riding with our motorcycle training

At A2A Motor Cycle Training, all our motorbike training programs are designed to ensure your safety. Before we start motorcycle training in Joondalup, you require a learner’s permit. Therefore, before you enroll for a bike-riding class in Joondalup, attend any licensing center and complete for the theory test. To pass the test, you need to answer a series of 35 theory questions. Make you familiar with the test and for improved preparation, get the “Ride safe” handbook.

After receiving the learners permit, you are eligible to begin a motorbike training course to start your training session. Our courses are diverse and can meet different requirements of learners. We have beginners, as well as returning and experienced riders. Our bike classes are designed accordingly. Our instructors focus on how to provide the learners with the basic and advanced rider skills ensuring safety. We follow the basic rules of teaching motorcycle training. Students will learn about  safe riding on the road with our certified instructors.

Our instructors

Roy Thomas is a renowned instructor with over 20 years of experience. His passion motivated him to offer motorcycle rider training in Joondalup. He is friendly and proficient in modern biking techniques. For true a consultation regarding motorcycle training, you can call him anytime.

All of our instructors are certified and immensely experienced. They help you develop your riding skills such as clutch control, braking, steering skills, and more to make you a confident rider. Our coaches teach the correct way of riding, and how to avoid the hazards and risks on the roads. They communicate and advise students during motorcycle classes and correct their faults while riding. Once you become confident in the basic techniques, you are promoted to the next level, where teachers give you advanced rider training to enjoy rides with fun and safety.

Some features of our motorcycle courses

  • One-on-one training to enhance one’s skills and confidence.
  • Anyone can avail of our courses, as we offer flexible timing
  • Learners can use their own motorcycle or ours as per their preferences
  • We provide a helmet with each motorcycle ride
  • Having a control over brakes and steering is our first concern
  • Motorcycle training courses develop your skills to follow traffic flow more carefully and avoid dangers on roads
  • Our bike riding classes are designed with the enhanced safety of riders
  • We have no hidden costs, as we want to maintain transparent relationships with our learners and clients
  • All our motorbike training fees are comprehensive and competitive

Get ready with your learners permit, long pants and sleeves, and enclosed footwear, and start your bike riding class in Joondalup with A2A Motor Cycle Training.

More information on obtaining your learners permit can be found on the Department of Transport’s website



Your Learner’s Permit.

Long pants & sleeves, & enclosed footwear.

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